Sunday, September 27, 2009


Last Wednesday I hit up Wrongbar with my partner in crime Max for a show of the Svenska invasion. Miike Snow (SE) and Jack Peñate (UK) have been touring for their latest albums and given the ridiculous amount of Scandinavian bands that are touring in Toronto this autumn, we both knew that this one was going to be a highlight. But aside from the interesting crowd that made the night Hilarious, it wasn’t anything special.

Miike Snow recently opened up for Lykke Li at her Sound Academy show in August which would explain why the show was sold out. As for Jack Peñate, well, I truly have no idea where he came from (other than England). That being said, Mr. Peñate teefed the show without hesitation. His energy was through the roof! Miike Snow played several danceable songs but the set was slow and droney with way too much “negative space” and feedback; back-to-back full songs would have highly been appreciated. I forgot how much Miike Snow doesn’t remind me of Familjen, except for that one song “Animal”. I’ll give them this; their non-ballad songs are incredibly catchy, but the lead singer who looks like Bert McCracken needs to try a couple of new things with that keyboard of his.

Overall, the night was sub-par: the crowd was expected but unexpected which shaped the overall vibe of the show. Given Lykke Li’s deserved fame, I bet that Miike Snow will follow in her steps. The Svenska invasion continues.

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