Monday, June 20, 2011


Realization of the day: The most I want to spend on a casual dress is $200, and I would like to avoid polyester. The dress would be special, not an item you wear every day, and something you cherish for decades.

$200. Not always, just once in a while. This is coming from someone who is usually broke, and whose mother is a seamstress. This is also coming from someone who goes to Fabric Land to touch natural fabrics and says, "Yes, I WILL learn how to cut patterns better! Yes, I WILL avoid polyester for life! Fuck paying for clothes! I just need a personal tutor..."

I start to online window shop when I receive a 40% off email from Swedish designers and master drapers Acne. In reality, I don't think I have ever purchased a dress for $200 except as a bridesmaid this summer. Clad in clementine, the dress was perfect was it not polyester and satin. I would wear it out in a heartbeat, and I managed to keep it wine-stain-free. But you know, in case I ever get a real job with a real salary, I would consider these Acne dresses. Only two of them contain polyester, but the styles are irresistible. Clad me in tencel, silk, modal, and wool! See also: rayon, linen, cotton, cashmere...

I am 5'0", by the way, unlike most sultry Swedes who model Acne clothing. Will my body find chemistry in the clothes? My credit card can only tell.

$162, 100% tencel; $174, 100% polyester

$90, 100% tencel; $102, 100% tencel

$190, 100% silk; $174, 100% polyester

Click on images for a direct link to the Acne Outlet, if you dare.

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