Saturday, August 7, 2010


Drake loves his hometown Toronto. He loves it so much that he played last Sunday at the Molson Ampitheatre at his self-created OVO Fest (October's Very Own) in army pants. He brought some friends along, too. Maybe you know them? Their names are Jay-Z and Eminem. Nevermind Rick Ross, Fabulos, and Kardinal Offishall. Jay and Eminem were the stars of the show, even moreso than baby Drake himself.

Drake hasn't entertained Toronto since last August when he was on tour with his "big brother" Lil Wayne. Since then, Drake's ego has grown and he has released a full-length album entitled "Thank me Later" which has collaborations with Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and so many more. It was a sold out show and the assholes at security was in full force. After countless moments of flirting with security guards trying to get to the front row, we settled for the 300 section from our fleshless 400 level seats.

The beginning of the show was boring as hell, even Young Jeezy's meagre 5-song set put us to sleep. Then Drake comes onto the stage and all the girls lost their panties/minds. No bras were thrown, in fact, I couldn't even spot Drake's famous "bra rack" on stage, a collection of bras thrown at him from previous shows.

Jay lookin' a little like Drake?

We had heard rumours all day about Eminem and Jay-Z making a special guest appearance, so we were kept on our toes the entire show. They only made their appearance at the end with songs like "Forever" and "Run this Town" (featuring Kanye West and Rihanna in the recording, yet no ladies were on stage representing). Drake's set mostly consisted of slow songs until he hit us all with "Over" and "Best I Ever Had", in which he mentioned he loves Toronto so much that he could only marry a girl from here. "It would just feel right," he said. He kept talking about Toronto's women as the hottest in the world, and if he "were the type to spend money on women", his number one city would be this one.


Speaking of girls, he loooves to pick women from the crowd and bring them onto stage. He warned the girl he picked out that she would get kissed, sucked and licked, but this girl just stood there like a piece of wood. If I was on that stage, I would have worked it and taken full advantage of Drake's sweet Teddy Pendergrass moves. Ultimate performance fail on the girl's behalf, who was just 21 and was equipped with really unflattering booty shorts.

Drake showed a lot of love for his live band which was a huge highlight of the show with their sweet bass lines and under-appreciated guitar solos. He gave shout outs to Lil Wayne often and told the NYPD to fuck off and Free Weezy.

I believe that Drake's fame has gotten to his head. If he still stayed on Degrassi and didn't have his own Virgin Airlines plane with his face plastered on it, I wonder where he'd be now. His flow was weak at times and he missed a few words on stage. His voice wasn't as low and sensual as it is on the recordings. Yet he delivered a memorable show that kept me satisfied for days. I'm excited to see how he evolves as a performer. He is after all only 2 years old in this rap scene. I'd see him live again, maybe in his "second home" Houston.

All photographs taken by Erin Pea.

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