Thursday, October 13, 2011


In Malmö, Sweden, Carl Nordström is a DJ and Producer disguised under the name Affictionados. His latest album, "This is what it is" is an eight-track journey into the mind of a producer who can't make up his mind about what genre he falls into. What artist can, after all, label himself?

The album feels like a film score with its mystic quality and fusing of genres. If I were a director I would want to make Carl's music work in my film. It's so gracious with a very listenable quality that mass audiences would immediately understand. Directors of the world, take note.

Naturally, I have listened to "This is what it is" on repeat like most of Carl's other work which is a great combination of soul, jazz, blues, funk, folk, world and hip hop. All of his work loops and loops in my head, stirring my imagination. Throughout the heavily curated and layered album, Christine Owman makes guest vocal appearances adding a mysterious, slightly haunting element to the whole package.

My favourite track would have to be "My Mind Goes" featuring Swedish hip hop artist Bracey Hansun. It is the most unexpected song on the album but doesn't feel out of place. Bracey Hansun raps about coffee a lot in this song for reasons unbeknownst to me.

For Carl, the intention is not to sound like something specific but rather to make new music without limits and boundaries. If “soundscapes” was ever a genre, then this would be what it is.


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Christine Owman in Toronto for Indie Week:
October 13 (tonight) at Nocturne (550 Queen Street West), 11:15pm, $6
October 14 at Free Times Cafe (320 College Street), midnight, $10
October 15 at The Peacok (365 King Street West), 12:45am, $10

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